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more than yacht registrations

First choice in Yacht Registrations under the Polish Flag

We deliver top service yacht registrations under Polish EU flag.

With our knowledge and experience we support boat owners around the world.


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Make the Best Choice with BalticBoat 24 flag registrations

  • Looking for best provider at best price for your boat registration in Poland?

  • Searching for reliable information about registration under Polish flag?

  • Or maybe you do not know how to make changes in Polish yacht registry

  • Stuck in the middle of the process and not sure which flag to choose for your boat?

We deliver Polish flag registration services and Polish MMSI radio licences with end-to-end support. We care about our customers with after-service care. We support you only with first hand information by working cooperatively with Polish authorities. We are able to act promptly and step out of well known tracks to find solution to toughest cases.


Looking for professional boat registration provider, who will conduct the whole process on your behalf?

First choice in Yacht Registrations under the Polish Flag


one-stop service

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Hryniewickiego 10/110,
81340 Gdynia, Poland |  Tel: +48 536 854 202

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